Business Goals and Objectives

Our long-term goal is to be the most reliable and high quality consumable supplier in the Middle East. Other objectives are to win the customers through providing exceptional service, expand the product range by introducing more consumables to the manufacturing industries. Among our immediate objectives we are planning to

  • Setup manufacturing facility to produce own brand metalworking fluids under international standards.
  • Supply solar power as a consumable energy.
  • Company History

    First Saudi Energy Company Limited was founded as a result of diversification of the business of Timna Telecommunications Company Limited. Timna has been a telecommunication services solution supplier for the kingdom and GCC from 1983. Many government and private sector organisations became the customers of Timna and were loyal to the company as a result of reliable and quality service delivered by the high performance culture maintained by Timna.

    The chairman of Timna had a vison to expand the services towards the existing customers as well as a new segment of customers. He identified the needs and wants of the businesses for high quality consumables from a reliable supplier. Also he had an apparition to introduce Solar Energy as a consumable energy to the Saudi market. Therefore, he named his new venture as “First Saudi Energy”. This was also to respect the king Abdullah who kick started the renewable energy concept in the kingdom.

    The conception of First Saudi Energy was with supplying CP products to SWCC. This is a cathode based protection system for prevention of corrosion. The next step was to introduce metalworking fluids to the ferrous and non-ferrous metal related manufacturers as well as to the construction companies. The company further extended its portfolio by adding abrasive products from 3M.

    Business Strategy

    The general business strategy of the company is expanding through partnerships. These partnerships are to attract new products, cutting edge technology and new business opportunities. Basically, each partnership is expected to bring the company to a new horizon.


    Quality and reliability are the key values of the company. We do not try to push out products to the customer instead we evaluate the needs and wants of our customers. We always work to give the best possible solution to our customers keeping the utmost reliability. Hence, we keep our customers relax and happy.

    Economic Intent

    First Saudi Energy is a profit making company with the intention of integrating more ventures & partners. The partners will be selected from the industries where they are not competing each other instead try to attach businesses complementary to each other.