First Saudi Energy serves the manufacturing and construction companies by providing solutions related to the consumable issues. We supply high quality consumable products with tailor made services. We help them to identify the problems and suggest the solutions.

Business goals & objectives

Our long-term goal is to be the most reliable and high quality consumable supplier in the Middle East. Other objectives are to win the customers through providing exceptional service, expand the product range by introducing more consumables to the manufacturing industries.

Business strategy

The general business strategy of the company is expanding through partnerships. These partnerships are to attract new products, cutting edge technology and new business opportunities. Basically, each partnership is expected to bring the company to a new horizon.



Chairman’s Message

Dear Visitor,

I am glad to welcome you to our website on behalf of First Saudi Energy. I warmly welcome you and invite you to contact us for any request, complaint or for any suggestion.

First Saudi Energy Company Limited is a fruit of the outcome I planted in early 1980s. I started business in a small room after I resigned from Saudi Telecom in 1980. Then I started a small telecommunication business there. Now I want to deliver a diversified service and a new company formed with a new vision with a focus on industrial consumables in Saudi Arabia.

The root of all the energies is the Sun. Therefore, the Sun is the first energy. First Saudi Energy is to serve everybody in every little corner so as when the Sun rise, it lights everywhere. That is my vision.

My aim is to be a leader provider of industrial consumables as well as solar energy in Saudi Arabia by giving not only quality goods but together with extra ordinary service also. First Saudi Energy brings you the best among the best together with our global partners.

Thanks and Best regards

Saud Al Amiry